Hi, my name is Matthew Blode and I make things for the internet.

I'm a designer and front-end developer from Melbourne, Australia. I'm currently working at Expense Check.


Self-Driving Car Concept

3D Modelling

Tesla Model A is a fully autonomous self-driving concept vehicle powered by a high-performance electric battery. The car’s sleek aerodynamic form is inspired by a dolphin’s streamlined curves.

Car Concept →


Ridesharing App Prototype

App UI/UX Design

I have designed and created a prototype for a Tesla app which would allow users to request the “Model A”, self-driving vehicle to pick them up from their location. The vehicle would then autonomously drive the passenger to their destination. It is as simple as tapping a button and getting a ride.

App prototype →


Cool Cactus

Website Design & Development

Cool Cactus is a business in Melbourne that sells indoor plants, pots and other cool things. They reached out to me to help create an interactive website design with clear and consise details about the store, whilst representing their contemporary brand identity.

Cool Cactus →


Hayley Lauren Design

Website Design & Development

Hayley Lauren is a textile designer and artist based in Melbourne, Australia. Hayley’s art and designs come in a variety of styles and mediums. From watercolour to organic line work, to stencils cuts and detailed wildlife drawings. Her free flowing designs are a creative expression and insight into the way she sees the world.

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Drawings & Digital Art

Art & Design

Here is a digital artwork of The Notorious B.I.G. It is drawn entirely on Photoshop using a Wacom Pen and Touch. This is a collection of all of my digital artworks within the last years. All were done on Adobe Photoshop.

Digital Drawings →


Open Source Projects

Front-end Development

I have created a large variety of open source projects and experiments released freely on GitHub. This includes my two highly popular “Marx – A classless CSS reset (perfect for communists)” and “Burger – The minimal hamburger menu with fullscreen navigation” projects.

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